The Aegis is the intergalactic police force working to maintain law and order. The Aegis is based on Orous, but its operations span the entire universe. The Aegis has marshals stationed on various worlds to maintain order and serve as points of contact, with Stinger Apini serving as a marshal on Earth in the greater Chicago area.

Role in the filmEdit

After being contacted by Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise, Earth marshal Stinger Apini realises that Jupiter is of royal blood and contacts the Aegis so they can send a ship to retrieve her safely from the planet. Before the ship can arrive, Jupiter is kidnapped by bounty hunters in the employ of Balem Abrasax, who bring her instead to Kalique Abrasax when she bribes them with a supply of Abraxan youth serum.

After receiving information on Jupiter's whereabouts from Caine, an Aegis ship commanded by Captain Diomika Tsing arrives to pick Jupiter up from Cerise. Captain Tsing's crew consists of the elephant splice pilot Nesh, the robotic Gemma Chatterjee and the human Phylo Percadium. The Aegis ship and its crew continue to assist Jupiter throughout the film, transporting her to Orous so she can be formally recognised as the recurrence of Seraphi Abrasax.

After Jupiter is kidnapped from Orous by Titus Abrasax, the Aegis ship follows and eventually locates Titus's clipper in the Cleopides system. An assault launched by Caine and Stinger frees Jupiter, and the Aegis file a complaint against Titus for his actions.

The Aegis crew subsequently escort Jupiter back to Earth, where Chicanery Night and Greeghan, servants of Balem Abrasax, are waiting for her. When Jupiter insists on returning to the Jupiter Refinery with Mr Night and Greeghan, the Aegis follow in their ship until they are deliberately blocked from entering by a shield.

After the Jupiter Refinery is destabilised by Caine's entry, the shield is lifted so that an evacuation of the refinery can take place. Taking advantage of this, the Aegis ship enters and successfully extracts Jupiter's family to safety. The ship remains in the Jupiter Refinery until the last possible moment, escaping via a portal only when to stay would mean destruction. Though the Aegis crew members do not realise it at first, Jupiter and Caine were also able to escape the refinery via the portal.