Aleksa Jones
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Maximilian Jones (husband)
Jupiter Jones (daughter)
Nino Bolotnikov (sister)
Vassily Bolotnikov (cousin)
Lyudmila Bolotnikov (aunt)


Jupiter Ascending


Maria Doyle Kennedy

"We are not your animals."
―Aleksa to Vassily

Aleksa Jones (née Bolotnikov) is the mother of Jupiter Jones, the sister of Nino Bolotnikov and the cousin of Vassily Bolotnikov. She fled to Chicago after her husband Maximilian Jones was shot and killed during a burglary at their home in St Petersburg, raising her daughter there amidst extended family.


Prior to the filmEdit

Aleksa Bolotnikov was born in Russia, and grew up with her sister Nino. Aleksa did well academically, and went on to teach Applied Mathematics at the university in St Petersburg. While teaching at the university, Aleksa met astronomy professor Maximilian Jones, the son of an English diplomat. They later married and moved in together, and Aleksa fell pregnant. Maximilian was killed unexpectedly during a burglary gone awry. The pregnant Aleksa fled to America with her sister Nino. Presumably they are being trafficked as they and their fellow passengers travel in the dank, wet and rusty hold of a cargo ship instead of a cabin. Aleksa gave birth to her daughter Jupiter on a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic, naming her after Maximilian's favourite planet as he had wished prior to his death. Aleksa and Nino joined their cousin Vassily in Chicago, moving in with him and his family. Unable to find legal work due to her status as an undocumented illegal alien, Aleksa made a mediocre living from cleaning the homes of the wealthy alongside her sister. Aleksa brought Jupiter up in difficult circumstances, with Aleksa, Jupiter and Nino sharing a single bedroom.

Role in the filmEdit

Aleksa is shown cleaning houses with Jupiter and Nino, and appears rather brusque and hardened by her hard work and difficult living conditions. Nonetheless, Aleksa is shown to love her daughter, defending her when Vassily berates her for not being married yet. When Aleksa discovers Vladie's plan to sell Jupiter's eggs to a fertility clinic, she is furious and beats him. Along with the other members of the Bolotnikov family, Aleksa is kidnapped by Balem’s agents and taken to the Jupiter Refinery to be used as leverage against Jupiter. Aleksa is rescued by Jupiter and Caine, and is returned to Earth with her memory of the incident wiped. At the end of the film, Aleksa presents Jupiter with a brass telescope that the whole family chipped in for and re-iterates that Maximilian was “a good man”.