Chicanery Night
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Chicanery Night is a rat splice in the employ of Balem Abrasax. Mr Night is responsible for the efficient running of the Jupiter Refinery. After Balem arrives at the Jupiter Refinery to inspect the latest skim from Earth, Mr Night finds himself being assigned missions that fall outside of his usual remit and grows progressively more stressed and harried.

Role in the filmEdit

Mr Night is first seen greeting Balem upon the latter's arrival at the refinery, and he updates his master on the status of the refinery and the excellent quality of the latest skim. Mr Night is exposed to Balem's increasingly heightened outbursts and irrational demands as the film progresses, and is eventually sent to Earth, in the company of the Sargorn henchman Greeghan, to take Jupiter's family hostage.

After Jupiter's family is removed to the refinery, Mr Night remains behind to wait for Jupiter herself. While he is waiting he discovers a bottle of vodka, drinking it to relieve some of his nerves. When Jupiter finally arrives Mr Night is rather drunk, but delivers the message as he was instructed to: Jupiter must return to the refinery for an audience with Balem or let her family die. Jupiter agrees and returns to the refinery with Mr Night and Greeghan. Mr Night is last seen bursting into Balem's boardroom, informing him that the refinery's grav hull has been ruptured, destabilising the entire structure.


Mr Night appears rather straight-laced and proper, generally wearing black and keeping his hair slicked back. His polished appearance fades as the film progresses, however, and when Jupiter faces him at her home he appears somewhat dishevelled and has halting speech, apparently on account of his drunkenness.


Mr Night is very focused on his duties, and appears to find satisfaction in carrying out his duties efficiently and to a high standard. As well as this, he appears to have a somewhat nervous disposition and doesn't cope particularly well with Balem's outbursts, clearly finding them unsettling.