Humans are an ancient and powerful species in the universe that evolved on planet Orous of the Canubulum System. Wealthy humans known as the Entitled seed many other planets, such as Zalintyre and Earth, with human populations. When these planets become overpopulated they are considered "ripe for Harvest," and the people on them are transformed into RegeneX.

Early History Edit

Humans evolved on the planet Orous of the Canubulum Star System several billion Earth years ago. Humanity established the pan-universal government called the Intergalactic Commonwealth, and established two military forces for foreign and domestic affairs and/or defense: the Legion and the Aegis, respectively. As the great wealth and influence of the Human Race swiftly expanded throughout the universe, Humanity began to realize that there was only one resource that mattered the most in the universe; "more time", as put by Kalique Abrasax. After realizing that, the Entitled families, which are all the noble and royal families of the Commonwealth, all rushed to establish mega-corporations that specialized in production of a substance called RegeneX, which when bathed in, would replace old or dying cells with fresher, younger cells, all for the purpose of making profit, of course. However, the only way that the ideal batch of RegeneX could be produced is by harvesting the cells of naturally grown Humans. The process is done only when two conditions are met. The first condition, according to the laws of the Intergalactic Commonwealth, is that the harvested Humans must be Terrsies, or Humans of under-developed worlds by Commonwealth standards, so as not to create any unnecessary conflict or enmity with the planet's inhabitants or extraterrestrial peers/neighbors of the planet's inhabitants. The second condition is that the RegeneX, under no circumstances, can be produced from cloned Humans, because clones lack "genetic plasticity" that naturally grown Humans have, and it was because of this that a batch of RegeneX containing cloned body cells with a genetic deformity sparked a universe-wide gene plague, which drove the Human Race dangerously close to extinction.