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Bounty Hunter


Jupiter Ascending


David Ajala

Ibis is a rook splice bounty hunter working in partnership with Razo. Along with Razo, he kidnaps Jupiter Jones and takes her to Kalique Abrasax.

Role in the filmEdit

Ibis is one of the bounty hunters sent by Balem’s agents to kill Jupiter. Along with Razo and Falque, Ibis traces Jupiter’s gene print to the fertility clinic, where he and his fellow bounty hunters get into a fight with Caine Wise. After the fight, Ibis reveals to Razo that he has been contacted by an agent working for Kalique Abrasax and persuades her to team up with him and take Jupiter (alive) to Kalique for a better reward. After Jupiter and Caine escape to the country the bounty hunters track them down, ambushing them at Stinger’s house. Ibis kills Falque in the cornfields before the latter can eliminate Jupiter, and he and Razo take Jupiter to Kalique’s homeworld Cerise. They are rewarded with RegeneX, and after tasting it to check that it’s pure they take off with their reward in pursuit of a better life.


Ibis is a rook splice, and he also wears cybernetic implants. He wears a leather outfit that leaves part of his chest exposed, and has glossy jet black skin and feathers instead of hair.