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Planet information

4.5 billion years



Known for

Jupiter Refinery




Balem Abrasax


Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter is a planet in the Solar System; it is secretly the location of the Jupiter Refinery.


Jupiter is a giant gas planet located in the Solar System. Unlike the rocky planets, like Earth, Jupiter doesn't have solid surface. One of the planet's most prominent features is the Great Red Spot which, unbeknownst to the humans on Earth, is the entry point to a vast industrial refinery belonging to Balem Abrasax. The refinery is suspended in Jupiter's atmosphere with advanced technology, and is completely hidden by vast layers of hurricane.

Role in the filmEdit

Balem Abrasax is based at the Jupiter refinery for the majority of the film, and Jupiter consequently forms the setting for the film's final act. After a daring entry by Caine Wise to rescue Jupiter Jones, the Jupiter Refinery's grav hull is breached and the artificial atmosphere preserving the refinery is compromised; as a consequence of this, an evacuation of the refinery begins. Jupiter and Caine escape the planet at the last possible moment, teleporting out with an Aegis ship.

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