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Kalique Abrasax


Jupiter Ascending

Kalique's alcazar is the primary residence of Kalique Abrasax on the planet Cerise.


Kalique's alcazar is a vast, palatial complex surrounded by waterfalls and elaborately landscaped gardens. The buildings represent a blend of influences, incorporating domes, Arab-esque geometric décor and monumental Roman architecture. Most of the rooms are open and exposed to the outside, leading out onto balconies with views of Cerise's moons.

The alcazar comprises many rooms and corridors, including guest quarters, an elaborate shrine to Kalique's mother Seraphi Abrasax and a dedicated bathing chamber.

Role in the filmEdit

Jupiter Jones wakes to find herself in Kalique's alcazar after being kidnapped by Razo and Ibis. Jupiter is subsequently greeted by Kalique, being escorted through various chambers before Caine Wise arrives to take her to the Aegis so she can be safely escorted to the Commonwealth Ministry.

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