Kiza Apini
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Stinger Apini (father)


Jupiter Ascending


Charlotte Beaumont

"Don't drag me into your male mating rituals."
―Kiza to Stinger and Caine

Kiza Apini is Stinger Apini's daughter, living with him in the greater Chicago area.

Role in the filmEdit

Kiza is seen after Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise arrive at Stinger's farmhouse, coming out to introduce herself to Jupiter and expressing considerable annoyance when she finds that her father and Caine are fighting. After learning that Jupiter is a recurrence, Kiza becomes extremely deferential, waiting upon Jupiter and addressing her as "Your Majesty". Kiza coughs before leaving to go to town in order to pick up groceries for dinner, and has to reassure her father that she's fine before he allows her to go to the shops alone.

Later, it is revealed that Kiza is sick and requires a genetic recode. In order to get the money necessary for the recode, Stinger betrays Jupiter and Caine, informing Titus Abrasax of their location and helping agents working on Titus's behalf to ambush them.


Stinger ApiniEdit

Kiza is close to her father, but feels that he worries too much about her. In turn, Stinger is completely committed to Kiza and is willing to betray his friends in order to secure her health. Stinger describes Kiza as "the only good thing I've done with this life".

Caine WiseEdit

Kiza and Caine appear to have known each other prior to Caine's court martial, and Kiza appears to bear less ill will towards Caine than her father. Kiza and Caine appear to have been almost like siblings, with Stinger having served as a father figure to both of them.