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Maximilian Jones
Character information

St Petersburg, Russia






Aleksa Jones (wife)
Jupiter Jones (daughter)


Astronomy Professor


Jupiter Ascending


James D'Arcy

Maximillian Jones was the father of Jupiter Jones and the partner of Aleksa Jones. English by birth, Maximilian worked as an astronomy professor at the university in St Petersburg.

Role in the filmEdit

Maximilian was the son of an English diplomat. He was passionate about the stars, and grew up to become a professor of astronomy at the university in St Petersburg. While stargazing on the bank of the Neva river, Maximilian met Aleksa Bolotnikov. They entered into a relationship and eventually married and moved in together, sharing a small flat. After Aleksa became pregnant Maximilian indicated that he would like the child to be named Jupiter, after his favourite planet. Maximilian was shot and killed in a random armed robbery, leaving his unborn child fatherless. Despite her initial objections to the name, Aleksa named their daughter Jupiter to honour Maximillian's memory.

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