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Aleksa Jones (sister)
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Jupiter Ascending


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"It's a curse. Our family is cursed!"
―Nino speaking to Aleksa

Ninotchka "Nino" Bolotnikov is Jupiter's aunt, the younger sister of Aleksa and the cousin of Vassily.


Prior to the filmEdit

Nino fled Russia with her sister Aleksa to start a new life in America in the wake of the murder of Maximilian Jones. Nino supported Aleksa as she gave birth to her daughter Jupiter, and took the baby outside to see the stars shortly after she was born. After arriving in America Nino and Aleksa found a home for themselves and the infant Jupiter in Chicago with their cousin Vassily; he gave them employment through his house-cleaning business. When Jupiter was growing up, Nino told her stories about Maximilian and his love of the stars.

Role in the filmEdit

Nino is kidnapped, along with the other members of the Bolotnikov family, and taken to the Jupiter Refinery by agents working for Balem Abrasax. Nino is rescued by Jupiter and Caine Wise, and has her memory of her kidnap wiped before being returned to Earth. At the end of the film, Nino, along with the other members of the Bolotnikov family, presents Jupiter with a brass telescope the family clubbed together to pay for.


Nino demonstrates an ardent interest in astrology, and is obsessed with star signs and the predictions associated with them. While rather unhappy with her difficult and uninspiring work, Nino appears to find solace in her family members, and her close relationship with her sister in particular.


Aleksa JonesEdit

Nino is very close to her sister; their strong bond meant they left Russia together in the wake of Maximilian's murder, with Nino supporting Aleksa throughout her labour. While Nino and Aleksa appear to have different perspectives on life, they seem to get along well, going out together and sitting together at the dinner table.

Jupiter JonesEdit

Nino appears to be close to Jupiter, being the family member who tells Jupiter about her father on account of Aleksa's reluctance to discuss him. Jupiter appreciates Nino for providing her with insight into her father, but her outlook on life appears to be more closely aligned with that of Aleksa on account of her rather pessimistic nature and dismissive view of astrology.