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Jupiter Ascending


Doona Bae

Razo is a bounty hunter who works in partnership with Ibis. Along with Ibis, she kidnaps Jupiter Jones and takes her to Kalique Abrasax.

Role in the filmEdit

Razo is one of the bounty hunters sent by the agents of Balem Abrasax to kill Jupiter. Along with Ibis and Falque, Razo traces Jupiter’s gene print to the fertility clinic, where she and her fellow bounty hunters get into a fight with Caine Wise. She appears to be close to Ibis, and agrees to partner with him when they are offered a deal by Kalique that improves on the offer made by Balem. After Jupiter and Caine escape to the country the bounty hunters track them down, ambushing them at Stinger’s house. In the cornfields, Razo uses her cloaked speeder to shoot down the creatures preparing to kill Jupiter; she looks on as Ibis kills Falque, and they kidnap Jupiter and take her to Kalique’s homeworld Cerise. Razo and Ibis are rewarded with RegeneX, and after tasting it to check that it’s pure they take off with their reward in pursuit of a better life.


Razo has vivid blue/purple hair and flower tattoos on her face.