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Jupiter Refinery




Balem Abrasax

Tskalikin is a Sargorn and the leader of Balem's Sargorn servants. He was one of Balems highest ranking allies and was put in charge of the efforts to locate and kill Jupiter Jones.  He sent multiple Keepers and bounty hunters to locate her but they were thwarted by the interference of Caine Wise, who had been sent by Balems brother, Titus. After multiple failed attempts, Balems patience began to wear thin and he threatened that Tskalikin would be personally held responsible  for the next failure. That time came when the bounty hunters he had hired turned on them and delivered Jupiter to Balems sister, Kalique. Despite claiming that it was the hunters’ fault and pleading for his life, Balem had him killed by means of a harvesting machine. His position and mission were immediately after passed onto Greeghan.