Vassily Bolotnikov
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Jupiter Jones (first cousin once removed)
Aleksa Jones (cousin)
Nino Bolotnikov (cousin)
Lyudmila (mother)
Irina Bolotnikov (wife)
Vladie Bolotnikov (son)
Mikka Bolotnikov (daughter)
Moltka Bolotnikov (son)


Jupiter Ascending


Jeremy Swift

"You don't treat your cousin like chicken!"
―Vassily to Vladie

Vassily Bolotnikov is Jupiter Jones's first cousin once removed, and the head of the Bolotnikov family. Vassily is the son of Lyudmila, husband of Irina, father of Vladie, Mikka and Moltka, and the cousin of Aleksa and Nino. Vassily runs Bolotnikov's Best Russian Cleaning Service, the family business that employs Jupiter, Aleksa and Nino.

Role in the filmEdit

Vassily is in charge in the Bolotnikov household, running the family cleaning business and dealing out jobs and assigning duties. He is also in control of the family finances, and expresses extreme scepticism when Jupiter asks for her wages to be advanced, ultimately refusing because he believes she will spend the money foolishly. After learning that his son Vladie had arranged for Jupiter to donate her eggs at a fertility clinic, causing her to go missing, Vassily is enraged and beats his son.

Vassily is kidnapped, along with the other members of the Bolotnikov family, and taken to the Jupiter Refinery by agents working for Balem Abrasax. He is rescued by Jupiter and Caine Wise, and has his memory of his kidnap wiped before being returned to Earth. At the end of the film, Vassily, along with the members of the Bolotnikov family, presents Jupiter with a brass telescope the family clubbed together to pay for to make amends for her mistreatment at the hands of Vladie.