Vladie Bolotnikov
Character information

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Vassily Bolotnikov (father)
Irina Bolotnikov (mother or step-mother)
Moltka Bolotnikov (brother)
Mikka Bolotnikov (sister)
Jupiter Jones (second cousin)
Lyudmila Bolotnikov (grandmother)


Jupiter Ascending


Kick Gurry

"That's capitalism, babe. Shit rolls downhill. Profits flow up."
―Vladie to Jupiter

Vladie Bolotnikov is the son of Vassily Bolotnikov, the brother of Mikka and Moltka, the grandson of Lyudmila and the second cousin of Jupiter Jones.

Role in the filmEdit

Vladie is responsible for setting an appointment up for Jupiter at a fertility clinic, the agreement being that they will split the payment for the egg donation between them. Vladie reassures Jupiter about the procedure to make her agree to it, and shuts down her objections by asserting that he is a capitalist. Vladie foolishly spends his money before receiving it, and is playing a video game on a brand-new flat-screen TV when, during a phone call, Jupiter tells him that she didn't go through with the procedure. Vladie panics and ultimately ends up telling his father and other family members about the situation. His exploitation of his cousin is greeted with shock and alarm, and Vassily and Zeno beat him with cushions.

Vladie is kidnapped, along with the other members of the Bolotnikov family, and taken to the Jupiter Refinery by agents working for Balem Abrasax. He is rescued by Jupiter and Caine Wise, and has his memory of his kidnap wiped before being returned to Earth. At the end of the film, Vladie, along with the members of the Bolotnikov family, presents Jupiter with a brass telescope the family clubbed together to pay for to make amends for his mistreatment of her.