Weapons are tools used to harm, damage, and kill a target. Their are multiple types of weapons, from melee weapons such as blades, to ranged weapons, such as guns. The human population of Earth is armed with more primitive ranged weapons, as they need an explosion inside the weapon and a solid projectile to work. The rest of the galaxy, potentially aside from other under developed worlds, is armed with weapons that used energy of many different types as a means of attack. Such energy can burn, cauterize and cause a usually small explosion inside or on the surface of its target, as well as result in a concussive or sonic blast that sends its target flying or knocking the target unconscious, and lastly, generate physical force able to penetrate, rupture, break and otherwise damage flesh, resulting in a bloody wound, one that may only have slight burns. Intersteller weapons come in different forms, such as in the common form of small arms with similar appearance, functions, components, operation, and usage to guns found on Earth. Other weapons are wearable, being mounted on the users arm, hand or finger, and as such, having the appearance of bracelets, cuffs, gauntlets or even rings, the latter of which are notably used by the Keepers.