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Jupiter Ascending

Zalintyre is a recently harvested planet owned by Abrasax Industries.


Prior to being harvested, Zalintyre was home to an advanced human civilization with sophisticated technological, cultural and architectural accomplishments. As a direct result of the harvest, the planet was left barren, deserted and devoid of all human life.

Role in the filmEdit

Balem, Kalique and Titus Abrasax gather on Zalintyre after it has been harvested, seemingly for the purpose of surveying the site of their latest harvest process. However, Titus says, 'We were just admiring this ledger* from your latest success', and given that Balem appears and disappears in the same fashion he does, (as a holographic projection) later in the movie, it is likely that they are not physically on the planet, but rather "projected" there or into collective construct by the same means as Balem.

We observe this technology again when Belem is examining the scene at the  clinic examination room where Jupiter was rescued from the Keepers, trying to carry out the task of her execution.
  • business records

Behind the scenesEdit

The Zalintye scene was filmed in Bilbao, Spain, though the environment was later augmented and expanded with computer-generated elements. Filming in Bilbao took place in May 2014, some months after principal photography had wrapped.[1]